More MMM

Since I have so little me-made clothing, I figured I’d skip it on weekends when my outfits run more towards sweatshirts and old jeans. But I just finished this top, so here we are! That’s one May-made garment done.

Me Made May 13 day 5

This is a Kirsten Kimono T-Shirt, made up in a mystery knit from my coworker’s attic. Total cost, $0! Which is just as well, since it’s not perfect. The red-and-white and nautical theme makes this not quite my usual style, and the fit’s not perfect. But it’ll do. Next time (and there will be a next time for this super-quick pattern!) I’ll grade from an XS at the top to S for the hips instead of cutting a straight S. But this fabric is pretty stable so it made for good practice sewing knits, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Plus now I have a July 4th outfit if I need one!

Finishing this little top so quickly (I spent about an hour on it yesterday, and an hour today, with plenty of distractions in the meantime) has my confidence back up, so I think I’m ready to tackle marking and sewing my already-cut McCall’s 6512, and after digging through my closet I have some alteration ideas for a couple of my summery dresses. So stay tuned!


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