A Friday MMM13 update

I fell off the wagon a bit this week, what with catching a nasty little cold, having to go to a soccer game (not the place for a stylish handmade skirt!) and generally getting lazy about outfit-planning.

Me Made May days 6-9

The extent of my me-made clothing lately – some pajama pants I made, probably about 8 years ago at this point! To my teen-aged self’s credit, I shortened the pattern to get some cropped summer pants.

Plus, the weather in the DC area has exposed a major gap in my homemade wardrobe! I have plenty of sweaters and scarves for when it is 50 degrees or below, and enough skirts and dresses for when it’s truly summery, but on those days when it’s too warm for long sleeves or tights but not warm enough to go bare-legged, I’m stuck.  Today’s project won’t help with that, but now I have another skirt option, PLUS it’s my first re-fashioned garment!


Dress, before


Dress, now a skirt

I thought about doing a zipper and a waistband, but in the end I just threaded some elastic through a casing, and I’m just as happy. Now it’s much more wearable!

…. and for one more photo, here’s a peek at my messy little sewing corner:

my workspace
It could be a lot worse, but my fabric and yarn stash all fit nicely into the random extra closet in my living room. So far, at least…


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