Aaaaaaand, we’re back!

I don’t know what happened – there I was in May, blogging away about my new projects, and suddenly it’s July. Don’t worry, I’m still here and still making things. Two quick trips, the end of the school year and the crazy exhaustion that comes from working at summer camp have slowed things down, but I have several new projects to share soon. There are two knitted shawls, two dresses and a whole lot of pickles waiting in the wings here… plus ricotta that’s so fresh it’s still chilling!

A few weeks ago, I dug out all my fabric to see what I had lurking in the closet and under the bed. It turns out I had four dress lengths and four skirt- or shorts-sized chunks of fabric squirreled away. An inventory of the pattern collection revealed a TON of skirt and dress patterns waiting to be matched up with fabrics. I tend to buy fabric and patterns separately, so even if I have a project in mind it’s not like I bring home 2 yards of fabric and one skirt pattern and immediately execute The Plan, which means sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the possibilities and just don’t make anything. (This is one of the reasons I thought a blog might be good – a place to give a little structure to all my vague ideas)


This isn’t even ALL my dress patterns, just the ones I want to make soon!

After making a bunch of piles on the floor (husband and cat were a bit bemused by this, since it didn’t seem very productive to outside eyes), I have some pairings in mind. The Cambie  dress would look fabulous in anything from the peach-print sateen to the herringbone-weave chambray, but I’m going to limit myself to one for now. Besides, the chambray is definitely reserved for the Lisette Traveler, since I’ve been envisioning a chambray shirtdress for over a year now. That might be my next garment project – I initially thought view A or B, but now I’m leaning towards the fuller skirt on view C.

I’ve also made my first foray into vintage pattern shopping, inspired by Tilly’s version of Simplicity 7341 from 1976. It had been a rough day at work, so I got 7341 plus two other vintage Simplicity patterns. 7049 is from 1975, while 5063 must be a few years older. For one thing, the sizing is considerably different from the other two.

Vintage patterns

I love the topstitching and modified kimono sleeves on 5063! I can see myself wearing the short-sleeved version in a neutral color, maybe gray with red or aqua topstitching – probably no gloves, though. 7049 is almost painfully 70s, but at the same time I quite like the blue dress. I don’t know why they were so into wearing dresses and tunics over turtlenecks back in the day. I think I’ll skip that part too. I may end up shamelessly copying Tilly and making the same view of 7341 in Japanese double gauze. I got some with a birthday gift certificate, in black with giant pink trees and animals on it. I’m also envisioning a tunic version in super lightweight chambray – it would be rather Anthropologie-esque if it came out properly. Just have to take a deep breath and start unfolding that elderly tissue paper!


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