When quilting mania strikes

I got back from a trip to Michigan on Sunday, but I don’t have to be at work until next Tuesday so this should be a good week for crafting. Or sitting around reading with the cat, we’ll see. I went to the AQS Quilt Week in Grand Rapids and came back with all sorts of quilting ambitions. (So much for all of those dresses I was planning last time!) There was a $5 book sale and I wound up with a strange Japanese cross-stitch book, a Joel Dewberry one that I mostly just got for the stuffed bird in it, and a battered copy of Gwen Marston’s Liberated Quiltmaking II. I’m itching to try some of the “liberated” blocks, but for now I’m getting started on turning this pile of Denyse Schmidt fat quarters into a decidedly unliberated “Chevron and On” from Quilty. (It’s so unliberated I’m using the same fabric as the designer)
Denyse Schmidt Chicopee FQs

I cut all my pieces and whipped up one block, but I think I want to get the Bernina patchwork foot before I go too much further – the 1/4″ mark on the plate is kind of hard to see and my seam allowances could use all the help they can get, as evidenced by my last set of quilt blocks. These are my 18 Granny Square blocks, from this tutorial on the Moda blog. I might make 2 more, just to make the top a bit bigger – 18 was a pair of each combination of blue and orange fabrics.

Granny Square blocks

I like this block, which is kind of like some of the older album blocks I’ve seen, but it seems like there must be some better way of constructing it. The outer edges are entirely on the bias, plus there is this:


I mean, really. I understand trimming blocks to get the shape and size just right, but this is a MOUNTAIN of triangles and almost-triangles, that are probably just small enough that I’ll never find a way of using them. Any ideas?


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