When sewing projects go wrong

This skirt was supposed to be a Well Made Garment, the kind of thing that I’d be proud to have made instead of buying at H&M or the Gap. Plus it was going to be cheaper. I started with a New Look pattern that I bought as 6873 but seems to have morphed into 2543, and some seersucker from the bargain area at G Street.

New Look skirt

I’m still a little intrigued by those shorts, too.

I added a white cotton lining, piecing together the pockets and the skirt front to cut out the front lining. Things started to go downhill when I sewed it together. The seersucker is some kind of bizarre synthetic that you can’t iron and it won’t hold a crease anyway. The yoke lining suddenly became an inch bigger than the outer part. I hadn’t accounted for the zipper when I decided to line it, and even with the help of various tutorials over on Sewaholic I made a total hash of it.


I guess it doesn’t look SO bad…

THEN I tried it on and realized it’s a little too big – but also a little short. The pattern is meant to sit 1″ below the natural waist, which is an odd place for a skirt. Tuck your shirt in and it looks like your skirt’s just too big, leave the shirt out and the A-line shape gets in the way. But even if I could figure out how to adjust it through all the layers of pockets, linings, etc, this beast is SHORT. That’s when I set it aside for 4 months, hemless and too big.

When I finally got around to hemming it, I pressed the lining up the wrong way. I decided that the thing is already cursed and just went with it. Continuing with the same ham-handed approach, I left the off-white thread in my machine even though this is really grey and white-white. I just about managed to press up a narrow hem, and I was going to measure a proper hem when I remembered how short the darn thing is. So for now, it’s just got a single narrow hem, which the fabric is doing its best to escape. One day I’ll get around to putting a hook and eye at the top of the zipper, but today I decided life is too short.

New Look skirt

The lumpy tucked-in look

In the end, the quality is still probably about on par with H&M – weird fit, strange fabric and some kind of questionable stitching that might only survive a few wears. Let’s just call it a wearable muslin and move on…


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